Frequently Asked Questions

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The web portal, admin portal, customer mobile apps – both IOS and Android, are available by default in all plans. Addons would be our AI-powered delivery app, live chat support for your store -i.e to help your end customers buy the products, marketing services we offer for e-commerce stores, image edits for your store beyond the limits set in the standard plans and any additional design or marketing collateral we develop for you.

Yes, you can change your plan anytime and from their prorated billing will happen. You pay the difference for the upgrade. For example, you are on $100 plan and 15 days have elapsed, you will have $50 balance on your original plan. If the new plan costs $150, then for rest of the 15 days of the month, your charge will be $75, reducing the balance available from the current plan, which is $50, you will pay a difference of $24.

Your data is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the US, Ohio data centre. The datacenter runs with the world’s best network, security, computing systems. The content is also powered by a global CDN network that helps speed up the overall delivery and is highly recommended for e-commerce websites.

Yes, AeroCart is PCI-DSS compliant in all aspects and adheres to the top security recommendations.

No, you don’t need to sell the same set of products, but definitely, the same product types as approved by the local government authority for your business to sell.

No, you don’t need to run a separate website, unless you have lot of custom needs. We already are offering pages feature where you could add the web site pages at a nominal cost. Our team shall develop the pages for you.

Yes there is a setup fee as per your plan, please refer to the plans for the latest prices. Under the set up, we cover uploading all your products and configuring the same for you. We also design custom banners for your store along with resizing and setting the images for your products so that you have a e-commerce store that is quick and easy to launch. There is free training to use the app also included in the set up. The payment gateway for e-commerce is already inbuilt and there is a charge of 2.5% per transaction that is deducted on the platform. The charge varies as per the instrument used so please check our payments page to get clarity on the exact % cut.

You will be paying a one time set up charge, and then pay monthly subscription fee along with the advertised percentage calculated on your store revenue inclusive of taxes collected from the end-user. eCommerce plan payments can be done in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual modes, with each giving you pricing advantages due to discounts.

Yes, you can add customer reviews to your shop, where they can rate and leave a review. As an admin, you can review and moderate the reviews before publishing as well.

Yes, you can use your own domain to have your store front hosted at

You can use our inbuilt payment gateway service to collect payments using debit and credit cards.

We are sorry, free trials are not offered because there is an extensive store configuration and set up going into each cart. However, you can see the demo sites that are set up and also contact support to test drive the mobile apps. We also have a recorded screen capture that gives a walkthrough of the products as well.

Yes we can help you with that. Products you need to give us in the csv (Comma-separated values) file/product template given. As for old orders and product inventory, we will need to review the specific cases and it will be a paid engagement.

AeroCart can have a store instance for any country you want to operate in as long as local payment gateway services are available. Each will have its own store, inventory, delivery zones and apps as needed. This is a multi-store dedicated instance set up. Here you get the flexibility to connect to your own inventory and other billing systems you already are running.