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AeroCart provides web and mobile app on both IOS and Android platforms for the store owners at a very nominal cost. As an addon the customers can purchase the AI powered delivery app with intelligent routing, delivery zones and customer acceptance on receipt. All this process efficiency before available to large e-commerce retailers, comes to the SMB store owners at a fraction of the cost. The system also have an Open API, wide connectivity to any ERP or POS, accounting systems to that it can be seamless integrated to the operations of various industries. Deployed on amazon cloud services, the store is infinitely scalable as well.

What is the uniqueness of the solution

From sign up to go live, Aerocart takes just 14 days for anyone to launch their online store. AeroCart is a fully managed e-commerce solution. When we say fully managed, the only responsibility of the store owner becomes uploading the products, product management, promotions, and order fulfilment.All the technology related issues are totally masked in this E-commerce as a Service platform that offers a infinitely scalable, enterprise grade security enabled and socially connected, all hosted on one of the worlds best state of the art IT infrastructure Amazon web Services. Open APIs allow seamless connectivity to existing systems and future systems added. Latest AI supported delivery processes ensures efficiency for the company as well.

The platform is built with world class features such as multi currency, multi language, multi location stores with the ability to have an international presence for global businesses. It is also feature rich to be used at a regional level. Fully cloud powered and AI driven delivery process of AeroCart creates lot of value for business and ensures a secure last mile delivery system, thereby avoiding fraud.

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Our Dynamic Team

Aromal Rajagopal

CEO & Founder

Indu Aromal

COO & Co-Founder

Premnath T R

Projects Control & Strategy

Mr. Aromal Rajagopal

Mr. Aromal Rajagopal was an advisor to the Qatar Governments Policy making panel for the eCommerce and online Marketplace

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